The Broken Doll House

A chilling, dark place flowing with imagination and mystery. All who enter will be mesmerized by the beauty and extravagance of this broken house of dolls.
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 About each room

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PostSubject: About each room   About each room I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 2:09 am

If the descriptions aren't clear then this list will clear any questions up.

Main Floor:

The Study: this is a place for posting books you are writing or suggesting books or discussing books you have read or plan on reading.

The Living Room: this is a place for members to talk about anything, movies games and life

The Dinning Room: this room is a gallery of art projects like sculptures or pictures. Either drawn by you or are just too awesome not to share. Make sure that you give credit to the creator if you know who it is.

The Kitchen: this room is for food and everything devoted to food. Recipies or debates over apple and cherry pie are welcome here.

The Second Floor:

The Madam's Boudoir: this room is for clothes and jewelry and other accessories. Anything from pics of what you've made or what you want to make or discussions of different fashion eras are perfect in this room.

The Master Bedroom:

The Master Bathroom: this room is all about make up! Pics tips etc.

The Children's Room: this room is to be used by RPers to place their character profiles.

The Guest Bedroom: to make everyone feel more at home and to know more about each other all members are required to have a room of their own design filled with their own interests and styles.

The Attic: if there are discussions or rps that aren't going anywhere you can request to have it put in the attic for safe keeping until you figure out where you are wanting it to go.

The Estate: this portion of the forum is to be used by the RPers only

The Playground: this is where you will put sci fi and futuristic rps they can still involve other elements but they are mainly sci fi themed.

The Garden: this is for realistic fiction rps or historic fiction rps

The Woods: this is for fantasy rps

The Playroom: this is for horror or thriller or mystery rps. Although it is inside the house it is still only for rpers

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About each room
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