The Broken Doll House

A chilling, dark place flowing with imagination and mystery. All who enter will be mesmerized by the beauty and extravagance of this broken house of dolls.
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 House Rules

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PostSubject: House Rules   Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:38 pm

Welcome to The Broken Doll House.

We hope you make your self at home and feel free to take a look at all of the rooms. Take a look at the room explanations thread in the foyer if you are confused. The foyer will have all of the letters and announcements from the door greeters and skeleton key keepers (moderators and admins) so check the foyer often for important information.

Once you log in and set up your profile go to the guest bedrooms. There make a thread for your very own room. Decorate it how you want or use it to store all of your crafts and discussions for your own records.

We encourage all kinds of creativity and imagination at all levels. Constructive criticism is needed but the dolls here will NOT allow members to insult others work. If a member is upset by what is being said about their work, contact the door greeters and the member will be required to write them an apology. Second offense and you will be banned.

The estates and the play room are for our rpers and rpers only. If you just randomly jump into a thread your post will be deleted and you will get a warning. All of the rp characters must first be submitted to the children's room for it to be looked over and approved. Rps will be put in their proper places.

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House Rules
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