The Broken Doll House

A chilling, dark place flowing with imagination and mystery. All who enter will be mesmerized by the beauty and extravagance of this broken house of dolls.
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 Jasmine's Bed

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Name: Jasmine
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PostSubject: Jasmine's Bed   Jasmine's Bed I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 4:23 am

Character Name: Jasmine

Character Age: unknown

Character Gender: Female

Character Race: Wraith

Characters Hometown/World: The Great Gates

Character's Element(s) Light, darklight, dead, s

Character Immunities: light (200%) dead (100%)

Character's Abilities: eats flesh and drinks blood to heal, can see into peoples souls (like sensing emotions and desires instead of thoughts) really fast and strong, uses “wings” as a shield. They are tattered flesh on bones with holes in them and unusable for flying persay. but are perfect for gliding.

Life Quest: Her life quest is to get back to her family and realm to finish a war that destroyed her home world

Character Personality: mysterious and a little sassy jasmine always does what she wants to and answers to no one. she has a tendency to be cold considering shes been though a lot. shes very protective of people she cares about. when shes pissed she sees red. over all jasmine is cold but caring and not afraid of anything but the dark.

Character Alignment: Neutral

Character's Appearance:



Character's Weapons: two identical swords (and a brief description): both blades have the ability to negate spells (seal) one sword is all white and the other sword is a dull gray and black.

[Character's History: Jasmine is from a different time and universe where she rules as empress with her husband. she is not a pure blood wraith thus making her solid in form. she was captured by wraiths and then made into a wraith her self by blood transfusions and many other things. she was in a battle with another realm of wraiths when the battle turned sour. in a last resort she used her power to purify the gate she was on and send it to another realm for protection. the gate and her family went with the gate but some how she ended up here...not really knowing where she is. so now she is trying everything she can think of to get back to the realm where her family is waiting for her.

Sample Post:

Jasmine's sword sliced through the body of a demon making him fall to the ground motionless. The sounds of screams, clashing metal, and breaking bones scratched at her ears. She had lost two of her children already in this battle but she was not about to give up yet. jasmine ran across the battle field looking for her love and saw him fighting with a wraith general.
"Atreyu! do you need help?"
She yelled above the noise of battle. he seemed to be struggling to hit the wraith. worried she jumped up as her wings broke through her skin. they flapped to let her fly and then she flew over to him. jasmine landed in between the wraith and her love readying a magic attack to send the wraith flying. unfortunately jasmine wasn't fast enough. the wraith flew over her and sliced open Atreyu's chest with his scythe. jasmine's eyes went wide as she watched Atreyu fall to the ground in pain. now angry she gritted her teeth bearing her fangs at the wraith and fired a beam of light at the wraith disintegrating him. Rushing over to Atreyu, Jasmine fell to her knees at his side. she touched his cheek an lifted his head into her lap. "we are losing...aren't we..."
her eyes filled with tears as she nodded. "there is only one thing we can do now."
he nodded in response as she pulled out an emerald star from her pocket. she tightened her grip around the stone and it began to glow. a beam of light shot from the stone into the sky then like a fountain spread out over the sky making a barrier around the planet. holding her husbands hand with her other hand she felt his grip loosen. she looked into his eyes and watched the light of life fade from them. a tear rolled down her cheek. "good night my love...ill see you in the morning." the the light engulfed the planet and she passed out.

she grumbled at the sunlight that hit her face as she tried to sit up. finally she managed to sit up and stretched taking in all the senses around her...immediately she realized she didn't recognize anything. "what the....."

[b]What capability would you choose? Melee
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Jasmine's Bed
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