The Broken Doll House

A chilling, dark place flowing with imagination and mystery. All who enter will be mesmerized by the beauty and extravagance of this broken house of dolls.
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 Silence's Armoire

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PostSubject: Silence's Armoire   Silence's Armoire I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 26, 2011 4:24 am

Player Information
Your Name – Nyssa
[b]Your Age – 21
[b]Character Information
Character Name: Silence

[b]Character Age: Looks to be in her early twenties.

[b]Character Gender: Female

[b]Character Race: vampire (rawr)

[b]Characters Hometown/World: in Julies shoe

[b]Character's Element(s) Dread, Dead, and Chaos

[b]Character Immunities: chaos 200%, dead 100%

[b]Character's Abilities:

[b]Character Summons(optional):

Character’s Attacks:

Move 1:

Move 2:

Move 3:

Move 4:

Move 5:

Move 6:

Move 7:

Move 8:

Limit 9:

Limit 10:

Final Limit(must be Rewarded):

Life Quest(optional):

Character Personality: Silence is extremely clumsy and uncoordinated, but despite that she is graceful when she feels the need to be. She is sweet and friendly, and very easily amused. When is gets mad she can become quite scary and make everyone around her want to run away in fear.

[b]Character Alignment: Chaotic Good

[b]Character's Appearance: Silence is a short petite girl with a rather large chest....yeah their huge there's no way of getting around it (sorry) and they are the only big thing on her.
She has long dark blond hair with black and purple streaks, that is to the middle of her back. She has red eyes with a purple ring around the outside of her iris that has flecks of gold within it.

[b]Character's Weapon(optional):She has two semi-automatic guns one is the 454 Briar and the 13 MM Rose

[b]Weapon Limit(as above)

Items: (Items must be purchased.) booo.....

Character's Hobbies: reading, sucking blood, randomly bursting into song (whether it be show tunes or sappy 80's rock ballads, she doesn't discriminate), and making her own clothes and jewelry.

[b]Character's History:to be added later ^.^

[b]Sample Post:

Favorite Color? purple

[b]Favorite Food? Type O blood

[b]Least Favorite Thing: the Sun


[b]Most Treasured Object

[b]Favorite time of day? Dusk

[b]What capability would you choose? Ranged ....annoyed.....

* Melee
* Ranged
* Magic

Are you Strong enough to leave your Dolls?
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Silence's Armoire
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