The Broken Doll House

A chilling, dark place flowing with imagination and mystery. All who enter will be mesmerized by the beauty and extravagance of this broken house of dolls.
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 Atreyu's Dresser

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My Self

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Name: Atreyu
Gender: Male
Race: Angel

PostSubject: Atreyu's Dresser   Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:14 am

Character Name: Atreyu

[b]Character Age: unknown

[b]Character Gender: male

[b]Character Race: Angel

[b]character Class: Healer

[b]Character's Element(s) darkness

[b]Character Immunities: Darkness

[b]Character's Abilities: Chrismatic. So much so that he can talk almost everyone into doing what he wishes. He can fly. purifies all things on touch. only the spot he touches.

[b]Life Quest: to become a "true" angel.

[b]Character Personality: Atreyu is very kind and caring. He does all that he can to help people. Hes extremely smart and clever. although he speaks and acts with power and strength inside he fells very weak. sometimes it gets the better of him. also has a tendency to think hes always right...even when hes not.

[b]Character Alignment: lawful good

[b]Character's Appearance:

[b]Character's Weapon: Aurora. Is a scyth made of dark crystals on the 4th gate. Aurora glows when enemies are near by. This scyth is a bound weapon meaning it has the soul of a half angel named aurora trapped inside of it. Aurora talks and acts just like a living creature would. Which means if aurora is upset with Atreyu she will not allow him to use her. She will also protect him even if he doesn't see or know where an enemy is attacking. Aurora was a half angel so she can see into the future allowing Atreyu to be quicker while fighting an opponent because he already knows what they are going to do.

[b]Character's History: atreyu was born into the royal family of the great gates but never really wanted the position of emperor. angels on the great gates are very logical and methodical. the act like computers carrying out tasks for the good and righteous. a wraith named lilly kidnapped the prince in an attempt to turn him into a wraith as well. unexpectedly another wraith sensed the soul of the angel and rescued him. on orders from a secret society jasmine could not release atreyu back to his home until he could understand what the other angels did not understand. she told him she would take him home when he really knew what home was. after years of spending time with her and her family, helping them to save his soon to be subjects from wars, mistreatment, and starvation. he learned to see life through the eyes of the common people of the great gates. through his travels he came to fall in love with the woman who had taught him that he had always been home. after a long dispute with the former empress of the great gates atreyu finally took his place as the emperor. he then married Jasmine and adopted a son, Nicolas, and had two other children together, Emilly and Yexil. after many years of peace the royal family was forced to fight in a war that consumed the great gates between the wraiths and the angels. jasmine cast a spell in order to save the third gate. with a brilliant flash of light atreyu now woke up in a strange place. all he knows is this is not his home.

[b]Sample Post: atreyu's white hair flowed in the breeze as he watched the sunset behind the hills of the third gate. he admired its beauty, staring deep into the dazzling colors spewed from the sky. deep into the sunset he saw her face. right there... close enough for him to touch. he could see her pale face lit up by the colors of the sunset. he could see the softness and kindness in her smile. but deep in the sunset he could see the hunger that filled her eyes and feel the evil splash on him like the colors of the sunset.

this vision brought strange feelings that he had once pushed into the lost corners of his soul. this time he struggled with himself for what seemed like forever. finaly the feeling subsided, he had won. but this victory was bittersweet.

atreyu tilted his head up to look at the moon. the sunset had long since gone now it was only the moon and starlight to keep him company. atreyu turned to go back into his bedroom. he had a long day ahead of him. but all he could think about was her...
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My Self

Posts : 3
Join date : 2011-02-26
Age : 31
Location : Her Arms

Certificate of Authenticity
Name: Atreyu
Gender: Male
Race: Angel

PostSubject: Atreyu's Dresser Drawer 2   Sat Mar 12, 2011 6:51 am

[b]Character Name:Atreyu

[b]Character Age: n/a

[b]Character Gender: Male

[b]Character Race: Human

[b]Character Class: Wanderer

[b]Character's Element(s): Wind

[b]Character Immunities: Earth

[b]Character's Abilities: very swift

[b]Life Quest: (optional)

[b]Character Personality:

[b]Character Alignment: Lawful good

[b]Character's Appearance:

[b]Character's Weapon and most powerful attack:

[b]Character's History:

[b]Sample Post:
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Atreyu's Dresser
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